Interesting about MGT417

Interesting about  MGT417

Allhamdulillah thank to Allah, for extended of my life and give me ability to write a little script in this blog. For my next posting is about MGT 417. Some one might ask what MGT417 is?  Let me explain to you, MGT 417 refer to Information Technology in Business that subjects I studied at UiTM for my courses in bachelor of human resource. For me, learn subject MGT417 is interesting and quite different to another subject like management subject. I want to say thank you and my full appreciation to my beloved lecturer Miss Nor Adibah Hafit, on her determination in teaching this subject. During my diploma season, I have learned CSC134 subject is computer and information processing. On early learn MGT417 subject, I though that this subject is similar with CSC134 subject. It total quite different because MGT417 is more discuss on information technology system. For CSC 134 subject is more focus learning on component of computer, application software and operation software. I enjoying study CSC134 subject.
For me learning MGT417 subject is interesting to me. Many new things I have learned and I found. It useful and helpful me to explore the new technologies. For example topic e-commerce, wireless and network application, that gives me new information about current technologies application on our life. Learning this subject is not difficult, but need to memories many term and function of item needed. It gives challenges to me to understanding this subject.

I am a student in courses of human resource. I think this subject play main important in how manager to organized the information data. On this subject, I learn how to manage information data like example at chapter 4 about managing knowledge and data. Learn how information support the organization in chapter 8 and another chapter related to management subject. This subject will support me on managing the organization with application of currently technology when I got the jobs. The successful organization is how the organization managing information system in their department. Information systems are used by all functional areas in an organization

It is important to us to learn Information systems and information technologies are integral to our lives. Technology now part of our life. Without information technology life is dull. Everyday we use information technology whether we realize it or not. We have to learn it in order to survive the world, as information provides knowledge. Knowledge is the tool for success as people will be notice due to his or his wisdom.  Information technology make our life going easy.


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