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About my self

My name is Iskandar Ghani Bin Ismail. Most of my friends call me is or ‘abang long’. I live at Jalan Parit Tiram, Muar Johor. I was born at Hospital Muar on 20 November 1989. I was born as twins’ child.  Before I continued study at UiTM Melaka, I was study at UiTM Jengka, Pahang with Diploma in Planting Industry Management. My previous school is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Saint Andrew, Muar. My primary school is Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Saint Andrew from standard 4 until standard 6 and Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Ismail 1, Muar from standard 1 until standard 3.I have four siblings and i third son.  I have two brothers and my twin. My father’s name is Ismail Bin Abdul Ghani and my mother’s name is Zaharah Binti Talip. My father is retired teachers. He had work as a teacher in primary school. My mother as full housewife.My father is 72 years old and my mother is 64 years old. My eldest bother or ‘along’ name is Harmony Ghani Bin Ismail. He is 40 years old. He already married and has 2 sons and 1 daughter. He lives at Kota Damansara and work at Kuala Lumpur. My second brother name is Izhar Ghani Bin Ismail. He is 40 years old. He or I called him ‘angah’ already married with his wife and had 3 of sons. My twins name is Iqbal Ghani Bin Ismail. He is same age with me. Now he is working as an assistance teacher at Sekolah Rendah Agama Tanwiriah, Muar. He teaches Bahasa Inggeris. His works temporary until he furthers his 

Allhamdulillah, I can enter and study in UiTM. Before I enter to UiTM, I never think that I could study at university. I very happy when I get study in Diploma in Planting Industry Management (DPIM) at UiTM Jengka or know as 'campus natural treasures’. The environment in Jengka is quite different from environment in Melaka. UiTM Melaka more like campus city where location in centre of Melaka city and surrounded with building, houses area and shopping complex. As we know Melaka is famous with historic places and main destination to much tourism. In UiTM Jengka has own area campus where surrounding with forest and farm area. During my diploma, DPIM’s students need to do field work on farm doing plant vegetable. This is a practical related to my course in plantation. Some student called UiTM Jengka as ‘jungle campus’ because Jengka area for FELDA plantation surrounded with oil palm and rubber estate. UiTM Melaka do not have fully facilities like football filed, sport centre, transportation facility. It gives new environment to me and makes me need more to adapt the environment. I further my studies on degree in human resourse, for me I quite different to me because in diploma I take plantation subject and in degree more to management subject. 


Congratulation for Malaysia football Team
win the golden medal at 26th Sea Games, Indonesia

Allhamdulillah, thank to Allah for given me opportunity to write a simple word on my blog. Today I will write topic about football. Why football? Maybe another person will ask me why you choose football topic on my writing. For me, football is part of world, world can not be separated from football scenario. Commonly all know that football is famous games in the world. Some of people are fanatic to the football teams. For me, football just as extra entertainment of my life. Honestly, I am not a good playing football. Football is a game with two teams of eleven players, played over the course of 90 minutes. This period is split into two 45-minute halves. The objective of the game is to score more ‘goals’ than the opposition. The term ‘goal’ refers to two areas either side of the pitch, each one defended by one of the teams. A ‘goal’ is scored by depositing the ball into the opponent’s area.

Many of my friends ask me, what your favorite football team is. My favorite football team is Malaysia and German for international team. For my favorite club team is Arsenal and Barcelona. For top international football team is Spain at first ranking, second Netherlands and third rank is German that my favorite team. Another top international team like Brazil, Argentina, England, Portugal, Italy, and France.  There are many top club football team like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal from English Premier League (EPL). For top team Spanish League like Real Madrid and Barcelona and other team from other league. Example top Asia football team like Japan, Australia and Korea Republic. 

For me Malaysia’s football team is the best team for me. Maybe Malaysia football team is not strongest team and not highest in FIFA ranking. Currently Malaysia team at 151th ranking around the world. I prefer to explore about Malaysia football team than others teams. For other people, they might prefer to discuss and like international football team or international club. In my opinion it not false to support the international and club football teams, but we must support fully our national football team. For me Malaysia football team now are in good performance. Thanks to our government especially Minister of Youth and Sport and Football Association of Malaya (FAM) had develop many program to support Malaysia football team. Nowadays Malaysia is the strongest football team among the ASEAN country. Our nation team had won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 at Indonesia. Malaysia team had beaten the Indonesia team at second final match with aggregate 4-2. The challenger team for Malaysia football team is Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

I want to express my highest gratitude to Malaysia Football team due to their victory for get golden medal at 26th Sea Games at Palembang, Indonesia. This victory will give inspiration to Malaysia people to support development of Malaysia football team. Let’s give fully support to our nation team.

Interesting about MGT417

Interesting about  MGT417

Allhamdulillah thank to Allah, for extended of my life and give me ability to write a little script in this blog. For my next posting is about MGT 417. Some one might ask what MGT417 is?  Let me explain to you, MGT 417 refer to Information Technology in Business that subjects I studied at UiTM for my courses in bachelor of human resource. For me, learn subject MGT417 is interesting and quite different to another subject like management subject. I want to say thank you and my full appreciation to my beloved lecturer Miss Nor Adibah Hafit, on her determination in teaching this subject. During my diploma season, I have learned CSC134 subject is computer and information processing. On early learn MGT417 subject, I though that this subject is similar with CSC134 subject. It total quite different because MGT417 is more discuss on information technology system. For CSC 134 subject is more focus learning on component of computer, application software and operation software. I enjoying study CSC134 subject.
For me learning MGT417 subject is interesting to me. Many new things I have learned and I found. It useful and helpful me to explore the new technologies. For example topic e-commerce, wireless and network application, that gives me new information about current technologies application on our life. Learning this subject is not difficult, but need to memories many term and function of item needed. It gives challenges to me to understanding this subject.

I am a student in courses of human resource. I think this subject play main important in how manager to organized the information data. On this subject, I learn how to manage information data like example at chapter 4 about managing knowledge and data. Learn how information support the organization in chapter 8 and another chapter related to management subject. This subject will support me on managing the organization with application of currently technology when I got the jobs. The successful organization is how the organization managing information system in their department. Information systems are used by all functional areas in an organization

It is important to us to learn Information systems and information technologies are integral to our lives. Technology now part of our life. Without information technology life is dull. Everyday we use information technology whether we realize it or not. We have to learn it in order to survive the world, as information provides knowledge. Knowledge is the tool for success as people will be notice due to his or his wisdom.  Information technology make our life going easy.

Article about IT

Google Voice Search available in Bahasa Malaysia

Users can speak in Bahasa Malaysia to make a query using Google Voice Search

You can now use the national language to speak your queries into your mobile phone and get instant search results with the availability of Google Voice Search in the Bahasa Malaysia.
Using Google´s mobile app, users just have to click on the microphone button beside the search bar and speak directly into the phone in Bahasa Malaysia or in any of the other 19 languages that Voice Search recognises. 

"Malaysian consumers are sophisticated mobile users who frequently use their phone as their primary way to access the web, so it̢۪s important to make mobile search easy and convenient no matter what device or language you use," said Andrew McGlinchey, Product Manager, Google Southeast Asia.

"Voice has always been the most natural way to interact with a phone--speaking is quicker and easier than typing on a small touchscreen or keyboard."

Voice Search in Bahasa Malaysia combines local expertise with Google´s global speech recognition technology. To build Voice Search, Google taught computers to understand the sounds and words that make up spoken language by working with native speakers to collect speech samples the models that power the service.

For Bahasa Malaysia, Google worked with local student volunteers to collect speech samples, which were then integrated into the language models that power the service.

Queries are processed in the cloud using cellular Internet connections, and not on individual devices. In addition, as more people use Voice Search, the speech recognition models get better and better, improving accuracy without requiring users to download updates or install new software.

Voice Search is available for Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, for iPhone, and for BlackBerry. Users can access it via

Article about IT

News taken from : http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newsgeneral.php?id=628399

Article Human Resource

Importance of Human Resource – Logical and Strategic Approach on Employee Management
Human resource is the greatest asset that any organization possesses and it must ensure that this potential is harnessed to the maximum to contribute positively towards the growth of the organization.

Importance of Human Resource Planning in Organizations
The importance of human resource as a means of ensuring sustained growth for any organization cannot be over emphasized since it is the fundamental strength on which all strategies are based in the contemporary business world. Hence, effective employee management tops the priorities for any progressive institution, which is looking forward to excel in its field. Attraction, retention, preservation, and growth of employees are the key tools of human resource planning which ensures that the best possible skill and talent is available to back all the plans for achieving organizational goals. The need to retain competitive advantage in a constantly evolving scenario is what best justifies the importance of human resource planning for any growth oriented organization.

Human Resources Administration to Manage Human Capital
Human resource administration is the only way to ensure that personnel needs are amalgamated into organizational goals resulting in a mutually rewarding experience that will propel both the employee and the organization into greater heights of success. The process of human resource administration depends heavily on the uninterrupted flow of communication between the executive management and the human resources department on a regular basis. The people at the helm of this particularly complicated job must analyze the needs and aspirations of the employees and continually assess their performance so as to have better control on personnel management.

Human Resource Services - the Way Forward
Human resource services are now being outsourced to specialized companies by organizations that do not have the necessary infrastructure for maintaining a dedicated HR department of their own. This is a cost effective solution that ensures that the personnel matters are dealt with professionally and responsibly without committing additional resources for the same. These services have been proving handy in keeping the work force motivated and encouraging them to perform better. Such services are provided by groups that have vastly experienced HR professionals who can handle multiple clients simultaneously

Article from : http://www.amillionlives.net/importance-of-human-resource-logical-and-strategic-approach-on-employee-management.html

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