Congratulation for Malaysia football Team
win the golden medal at 26th Sea Games, Indonesia

Allhamdulillah, thank to Allah for given me opportunity to write a simple word on my blog. Today I will write topic about football. Why football? Maybe another person will ask me why you choose football topic on my writing. For me, football is part of world, world can not be separated from football scenario. Commonly all know that football is famous games in the world. Some of people are fanatic to the football teams. For me, football just as extra entertainment of my life. Honestly, I am not a good playing football. Football is a game with two teams of eleven players, played over the course of 90 minutes. This period is split into two 45-minute halves. The objective of the game is to score more ‘goals’ than the opposition. The term ‘goal’ refers to two areas either side of the pitch, each one defended by one of the teams. A ‘goal’ is scored by depositing the ball into the opponent’s area.

Many of my friends ask me, what your favorite football team is. My favorite football team is Malaysia and German for international team. For my favorite club team is Arsenal and Barcelona. For top international football team is Spain at first ranking, second Netherlands and third rank is German that my favorite team. Another top international team like Brazil, Argentina, England, Portugal, Italy, and France.  There are many top club football team like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal from English Premier League (EPL). For top team Spanish League like Real Madrid and Barcelona and other team from other league. Example top Asia football team like Japan, Australia and Korea Republic. 

For me Malaysia’s football team is the best team for me. Maybe Malaysia football team is not strongest team and not highest in FIFA ranking. Currently Malaysia team at 151th ranking around the world. I prefer to explore about Malaysia football team than others teams. For other people, they might prefer to discuss and like international football team or international club. In my opinion it not false to support the international and club football teams, but we must support fully our national football team. For me Malaysia football team now are in good performance. Thanks to our government especially Minister of Youth and Sport and Football Association of Malaya (FAM) had develop many program to support Malaysia football team. Nowadays Malaysia is the strongest football team among the ASEAN country. Our nation team had won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 at Indonesia. Malaysia team had beaten the Indonesia team at second final match with aggregate 4-2. The challenger team for Malaysia football team is Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

I want to express my highest gratitude to Malaysia Football team due to their victory for get golden medal at 26th Sea Games at Palembang, Indonesia. This victory will give inspiration to Malaysia people to support development of Malaysia football team. Let’s give fully support to our nation team.


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