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This article takes from Bernama web sites. Government has launch one program 1Malaysia Social Media Convention to educate social media users suggestion from Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim. It is impossible to monitor all the information on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and various other new internet mediums, especially so with an estimated 12 million users in the country said Datuk Seri Rais. Nowadays Facebook, Twitter, blog are common use by the internet user for explore information or other purpose.
Instead, the government hoped that the network users would become more responsible through the education they receive periodically on the matter, he emphasized. Today many of internet users abuse their function into crime activity, making false news, and other abuse activity. For example upload obscene pictures, download obscene video and other obscene activity. Government cannot control user from doing this activity, but government want to people realize important use internet properly. Government want to educate how to using the internet for benefit purpose and also to educate people from using internet for crime purpose.

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